Parsons Future Designers Featuring Christina Kim

Everyone in love with fashion can honestly probably say that at one point in their life, they dreamed about being a fashion designer. Only a selected few actually get the determination to turn this dream into a reality. It is not going to be an easy road and will probably cause multiple breakdowns that have you questioning why you even tried, but there will [...]

Chase Model Management Q&A with

••• was able to catch up with Owner Vincent of Chase Model Management, below is an excerpt of some of the Questions and Answers. Q&A with Owner Vincent of Chase Model Managment. 1)What drove you to start your own agency, Chase Model Managment? It was accidental at first, but going to college for fashion design i knew that I could be in [...]

Grungy Gentleman Fashion Show 2016

Today, covered Grungy Gentleman's Fashion Show. It featured celebrities such as Mack Wilds, players from the New York Giants, and UFC competitors. The fashion show consisted of all male models coming down the runway in street wear mixed with high fashion. From sweaters, to hats, to watches, Grungy Gentleman is showing the fashion world that [...]